eVisa System

Nigeria eVisa System



Under the Nigeria Visa Policy (NVP) 2020, the Electronic Visa allows applicants to expedite the visa process online by applying and uploading requirements electronically. The maximum of 90 day Short Visit e-Visa is subject to pre-approval through an Electronic Travel Authorisation Letter (eTAL) that should be printed out from the system before the arrival of the visa applicant in Nigeria.



How to Obtain an e-Visa

To obtain an eTAL, decide on which of the obtainable eVisa types is most suitable for your purpose in Nigeria. Verify your eligibility for that visa type. Do a checklist of requirements for that visa. Get a computer with an internet connection and a modern browser, and then follow the instructions below. 


Step by Step


  1. Start Online Application for e-Visa.
  2. Fill form and upload all Required Documents.
  3. Complete the Online Payment Accordingly.
  4. Print out the payment slip/receipt.
  5. Verify that you received Email Confirmation.
  6. Wait for Approval of your application.
    Typically takes about 16 to 48 hours
  7. If approved, you should receive the eTAL by email.
  8. Print out the eTAL and travel to Nigeria.
    Authorised ports of entry only - Abuja and Lagos Airports

eTAL Sample



Note: Not all nationalities qualify for all e-Visas and not all types of visas can be obtained through the e-Visa System. See applicable list below.


Obtainable e-Visa Types

Not all visa types are obtainable through the eVisa System. Please see the applicable types below



See also Short Visit Visas (SVVs) , Temporary Residence Visas (TRVs) , Permanent Residence Visas (PRVs) and the Visa Application ChannelsVisa On Arrival , Nigerian Missions and Visa Application Centers