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Consular Registration of Nigerian Abroad



Nigerian Citizens living abroad are encouraged to register with the Nigerian Consular Mission in their area of residence. This long-existing policy of free consular registration is not the same as the Diaspora NIN Registration but it helps the mission to keep statistics and allocate resources to assist Nigerians when and where they need. Another benefit is that some Embassies with fully-featured online registration systems could send important updates and emergency announcements directly to Nigerians living in the countries where the Nigerian mission has accreditation. 

In 2010, The Nigerian Embassy in Beijing became the first ever consular mission to launch a secure Online Registration System for Nigerians living in China. The system was standard, secure and allowed for certain consular services like ETC and Marriage Clearance to be applied for and delivered online by the Consular to Nigerians. The system also contained modules for Consular's emergency emailing and SMSing to all Nigerians in the country. Perhaps the best of it's features was the online community forum on which Nigerians discussed issues affecting them and connect with each other through private messaging, as popular social media was blocked in China. 


Note: Registration with the Embassy is not only mandatory for some consular services but also for F9A Visa for Returning Nigerian by Birth, according to the Nigeria Immigration Service


List of Online Registration

Some Nigerian Missions with online registration systems, arranged by the security, sophistication, features, user friendliness (ease of use) and integrity of the system.



This list is updated every week. If you are aware of another Nigerian Mission Registration System we have not listed, please use this form to inform us.