Marriage Clearance

Marriage Clearance Document


Marriage Clearance

An adult Nigerian citizen aspiring to marry a foreign spouse abroad may be required by the authorities of that country to provide document(s) indicating their legal capacity to engage in a contract marriage. For this purpose, the Nigerian Mission in the country where you reside may authenticate affidavit of bachelorhood/spinsterhood obtained from a high court in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Mission can authenticate a letter of no objection or bachelorhood certificate duly attested to from Nigeria. It can also issue a Statutory Declaration to Nigerians who have live abroad for acceptable length of time to enable marriage to a foreigner as required by host country authorities, subject to sufficient grounds to issue such a declaration. The Nigerian marriage aspirant should possess valid passport and visa.

Marriage Clearance


Common Requirements


  • Affidavit of Bachelohood/Spinsterhood from a Nigerian Court.
    (Legalized at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria, along with the receipt of legalisation fee).
  • Letter confirming Bachelorhood/Spinsterhood from Applicant’s Local Government Area in Nigeria.
  • If divorced, applicant should provide divorce certificate to re-marry.
  • Certificate/Letter of No Objection from relevant State Ministry in charge of Marriage Registration.
  • Statement of Marital Status of the foreign spouse from host country JP or other relevant Authorities
    (If not in English, an additional certified translation of the original document may be necessary).
  • Valid passport data pages of the applicant and his/her fiancee.
  • Letter of Consent from both parties, addressed to the Head of Mission.
  • Physical Presence of Both Parties at the Consular Mission.
  • Duly completed Consular Service form.
  • Administrative Fee determined by the Mission.
  • Any other requirements by the Mission.



Other requirements may apply, depending on the country of residence. It takes approximately 7 days for the mission to authenticate the documents obtained from Nigeria.



Marriage Recognition

While the Nigerian mission may attest to marriage between a Nigerian and a non-Nigerian in a foreign country, such may not automatically qualify such non- Nigerian spouse of a Nigerian to permanent residency in Nigeria. Obtaining a visa or residence permit is a separate process. 

For Nigerian marrying Nigerian in a foreign country, please note that the process is easier done in Nigeria and then certificate obtained from the Federal Ministry of Interior can be legalized in the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then Authenticated in the Nigerian mission in the foreign country for recognition/use with the host country authorities if required.