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Nigeria Visa Instructions


This page should equip you with the basic information to help you successfully apply for and obtain a Nigerian visa. If you are a citizen of an ECOWAS/CEDEAO State or Cameroon or Chad, you do not need an entery visa prior to traveling to Nigera. For more on visa exemptions, please see the Nigeria Visa Policy 2020

If you are already famliar with this process, please move on to other information that may be useful/applicable in your situation: New Visa Categories , Visa Application Channels or New Visa Fee Table. The instructions on this page assumes that you are opting to apply for a new visa to Nigeria, not Visa Renewal.


General Requirements

The basic visa requirements below are applicable to all visa categories applied though any Nigerian Consular Mission and/or Nigeria Visa Application Center

Before the Online Visa Application, ensure the following

  1. Passport valid for at least 6 months with 2 blank pages for endorsement.
  2. Booked return air ticket (for Short Visit Visas - maximum of 90 day stay)
  3. Booked hotel / other documentary evidence of accommodation. OR
    A Letter of Invitation from a company/host in Nigeria accepting immigration responsibility
  4. Visitors/Tourists/Business/Investor are required to show evidence of sufficient funds
  5. Any other requirement by the Nigeria Consular Mission or Visa Application Center

After the Online Visa Application

  • Print out completed online visa form which contains your details
  • Print out Payment Receipt and Visa Acknowledgement Receipt
  • 2 passport sized photographs (35/40mm) with white background with neither head covers nor face covers.
  • Physical appearance for an interview may be required for a first time applicant.


Basic Visa Procedure

Just like for visa application to other countries, start by determining what type of visa is most suitable for your purpose in Nigeria. Under the new Nigeria Visa Policy 2020 - Visa Mandatory Policy, there are 75 specific visa classes in to choose from and it is important that your applied visa type corresponds with your purpose in Nigeria. Deciding on the right visa will eliminate the worry of illegal activity in the country.

After you sort that out then the next steps will depend on which Visa Channel you choose to apply through. However, the general steps are as follows:  

1. Gather Requirements

Verify your eligibility for your chosen visa type. Do a requirement checklist, Confirm with the Nigerian Mission or Visa Application Center in your country of domicile.

2. Apply Online

Visit the Nigerian Immigration Portal. Select your country and begin the Fresh Visa Process. Fill the Online Visa Form and print the final confirmation page. Proceed to make the online payment and print out the Payment Acknowledgement slip.

3. Submit Documents

If not eVisa or Visa on Arrival, Submit the application to the nearest Nigeria Embassy, High Commission, Consulate or Visa Application Center in your country of domicile.


After you complete the stages above, there might be an interview appointment for first time applicant, depending on the applied visa type. The interview is the last stage of the visa process. Click here for more on Visa Procedures.


Processing Time

Typically, it takes two to fifteen working days to process a Nigerian visa, depending on the visa type, location where the visa is processed, and sensitivity of visa applicant purpose. For example, an Business / Investor Visa takes longer to process than a Tourist Visa.


Health Requirements

Yellow fever vaccinations are obligatory for all travellers to Nigeria. Consequently, travellers should ensure that their international health Vaccination Certificates are up to date before departure. Depending on the region where the applicant travels from and which region of Nigeria they wish to spend the most of their time, recent malaria prevention measures may be advised prior to arrival in Nigeria. 

Important: please see the latest Covid-19 Travel Guide before you book/board your flight to Nigeria.