Temporary Passport

Nigeria Temporary Passport (NTP)



NTP is an ICAO-Compliant one-way travel document issued only to stranded Nigerian citizens outside the territory of Nigeria, through Nigeria Consular Missions around the world. It was launched in March 2021 to replace the paper-based ETC (Emergency Travel Certificate) and eliminate security challenges in air travel. 


Passport Features

Biometric, 4-page, ICAO-Compliant, Valid for 30 Days and one journey only, dark blue booklet, not suitable to be presented in other application order than to serve the one-way return to Nigeria. Document will be retrieved from holder at the port of entry into Nigeria.


Basic Requirements

The requirements are similar to that of ETC with the only difference being biometric data requirements. That means the applicant has to be physically present in the Nigerian mission to obtain the Temporary Passport.


  • Application letter to the Head of Mission.

    Applicant introduction, why the NTP is required

  • Police Report if passport was lost/stolen.

    If not in English, attached translation is required

  • Proof of Nigerian Citizenship.

    Copy of Most Recent ePassport, GMPCard or others

  • Birth Certificate or Age Declaration.

    The latter must be endorsed by a Commissioner for Oaths

  • 2 Recent Passport Photographs

    Must be colour, show full face without shades or head cover

  • Air Ticket/ Travel Itinerary to Nigeria.

    Must be a direct flight scheduled for not later than 30 days

Nigerian Missions that issue the NTP will no longer issue ETCs except for special circumstances where applicant is unable to physically reach the Mission.