Temporary Work Permit

Nigeria Temporary Work Permit (TWP) Visa



The TWP visa class is typically for expatriates engaged by Nigerian company for short-term assignments. The contracting company is required to apply directly to the Comptroller-General of Immigration in Abuja for visa/entry permits for such expatriates. Only with the CGI approval can the visa be issued at the Nigeria Mission.

In the Nigeria Visa Policy (NVP) 2020, this TWP range of 90-day visas to 6-month residence permits exist in 2 visa categories: Short Visit Visas (SVVs) and Temporary Residence Visas (TRVs). Peculiar to the specific visa class, the Temporary Work Permit visa is obtainable only through all approved Visa Channels : the Nigeria Consular Missions or Visa Application Centers.




The TWP Visa category range is recommended for highly skilled foreigner who is contracted by an established Nigerian Corporation to enter Nigeria for short-term employment including installations, commissioning, maintenance, repair of equipment or machine and/or training of staff, or other temporary work-related activities. TWP Visas are available to most passport holders who fullfil the requirements.


Basic Requirements

  • Approval from Nigeria's Comptroller General of Immigration.
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months with at least 2 blank pages.
  • Evidence of Sufficient Funds / Financial Support. 
  • Evidence of Hotel Reservation / Host Accomodation in Nigeria. 

  • Printout of completed NIS Online Visa Application from.
  • Printout of the Online Payment Acknowledgement slip. 
  • Two (2) recent Passport sized (35/40mm) Photograph.


Extra Requirements

Under the new Nigeria Visa Policy 2020, See description and additional requirements for specific TWP Short Visit Visa (SVV) and Temporary Residence Visa (TRV) classes below.


F8A : Temporary Work Permit Visa

SVV Single Entry. Maximum of 90 days. Obtainable only through the Nigeria Consular Missions or Visa Application Centers

Additional Requirements:

  • Pre-Approved Visa Authorisation Letter. 
  • Booked Return Air Ticket
  • Any extra requirements by the Nigerian Mission or Visa Application Center.


R11 : Temporary Work Permit Visa

TRV Non-renewable Residence Visa. Allows a maximum stay of 180 days. Obtainable only through the Nigeria Consular Missions or Visa Application Centers

Additional Requirements:

  • Formal R11 application by the Employer indicating acceptance of Immigration Responsibilities. 
  • Employment offer/contract terms to the applicant. 
  • Letter/note of acceptance of employment by the applicant. 
  • Any extra requirements by the Nigerian Mission or Visa Application Center.


TWP Visa Procedure

Step 1: Decide on the Visa - Ensure that this category of visa is suitable for your purpose in Nigeria.
Step 2: Employer Applies for CGI Approval - Employer/Company should apply for Visa Approval from the Comptroller General of Immigration in Nigeria. The application letter addressed to the CGI should contain the following:

  • Name of contractor/employee
  • Nationality 
  • Passport number
  • Purpose and duration of visit
  • Consular Mission where Visa is to be issued
  • Acceptance of Immigration Responsibility.

The following documents should be attached in support of the application:

  • Company profile
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • CAC 2 & 7
  • Copy of Data page of the Contractor/Employee’s Passport
  • Evidence of existing contract or purchase / importation of machinery or equipment
  • Any other relevant document

Step 3: Gather Requirements - Get a copy of the Visa Approval Letter issued to your employer and prepare all other requirements.
Step 4: Apply Online - Complete the NIS Online Visa Application and print out the completed form
Step 5: Pay Online in the same aforementioned online application process and print out payment receipt.
Step 6: Affix 2 Passport sized Photographs (35/40mm) with white background with neither head covers nor face covers.
Step 7: Submit Application with the completed form and attached requirements to the Nigerian Mission or VAC.
Step 8: Visa Interview - There might be a scheduled interview depending on the visa type and/or if it is the first time you apply.


Important Information

Visa validity: Successful Applicant must enter Nigeria within 90 days from the date of issue. 
Caution: This Visa is not valid for permanent employment.
Visa Fees: New Fees Table | Old Fees Table
Processing Timeline: 2 – 15 working days from receipt of application.


Note: Under the new Nigerian Visa Policy 2020, The TWP Visa classes exist in two of the three visa categories: Short Visit Visa (SVV) and Temporary Residence Permit (TRV). The TWP Visa is obtainable only through Nigeria Consular Missions around the world. Applicant may be invited to the Nigerian Embassy, High Commission, Consulate or Visa Application Center (VAC) for interview if necessary.