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Renunciation of Nigerian Citizenship



A Nigerian Citizen not below the universal adult age of 18 is afforded the constutional right to renounce citizenship. Prospective applicants who desire to renounce their Nigerian citizenship should note that the power to approve renunciation/restoration of Nigerian citizenship is the sole prerogative of Mr. President, as enshrined in Chapter III, Article 29, sub. Section 1-2, of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Accordingly, the Nigerian Mission abroad only facilitates the application but does not hold the ultimate decison. 


Basic Requirements 


  • A Formal Application Letter, duly signed by the applicant.
  • A duly Completed Application Form provided by the Mission.
  • Affidavit for Renunciation of Citizenship in a Nigerian Court.
  • Two copies of recent passport photographs.
  • Original Letter/Certifiate of identification from LGA of origin.
  • Evidence of alternative citizenship.
  • Original Birth Certificate.
  • Original Nigerian international passport.
  • Fee payment receipt as determined by the Mission.
  • X. Other requirements as determined by the Mission/Ministry.


Application Procedure 


Through the Nigerian Mission


  1. Contact the Mission for All Requirements.
  2. Fill the Form Provided By the Mission.
  3. Make the Service Fee/Payment as Required.
  4. Submit all documents and wait for outcome.


Through the Interior Ministry


  1. Visit the Citizen Section of the Interior Ministry Website.
  2. Register/Login to Citizen Corner for Instructions.
  3. Click "Application for Renunciation of Citizenship".
  4. Fill the form and upload all required documents.
  5. Make the Required Payment(s).
  6. Submit Application and Wait for Outcome.


Important: Renunciation Approval obtained directly from the Federal Ministry of Interior still has to be Legalized and Authenticated in the Nigerian Mission of your host country in order to be recognized by the host country authorities.


Applicable Fees 

Applying for renunciation through the Nigerian Mission abroad will attract service charges as determined by the Mission in line with the Nigeria Federal Government 2020 Directive permitting Nigerian Missions to restore consular service charges, in addition to any other fees necessary for the procedure. This implies that the Mission fees differ from Mission to Mission. On the other hand, the Federal Ministry of Interior has a fixed fee rate for this service.


Additional Information

Applicants who fulfill all requirements may get an approval within a few months. Appplicant's International Passport will be nullified in a successful process. Please be informed that a citizen of Nigeria by birth may not need to renounce his/her Nigerian citizenship as the Nigerian Law allows him/her to acquire a second nationality in addition to being Nigerian. In other words, dual citizenship is legal especially if the citizenship of birth is Nigerian. However, this renouncation procedure may only be necessary if applicant's new country does not permit dual/multiple nationalities. 

Armed with this information, if you decide to go ahead and renounce Nigerian nationality, you may apply at the Nigerian Mission in your country of domicile, or online through the Federal Ministry of Interior


Remedial Measures

Restoration of Nigerian Nationality for someone who renounced citizenship can only be approved by the President of Nigeria. For a person who already renunced their Nigerian Citizenship but wishes to visit Nigeria, the Nigeria Visa Policy 2020 has introduced special visas for Nigerians who are no longer citizens. Short Visit Visa class : F9A - Returning Nigerian by Birth Visa, and Permanent Residence Visa class : N2A - Nigerian by Birth who Renounced Nigerian Citizenship Visa