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Nigeria Visa Categories


Unlike the old 2012 visa policy with a total of six (6) visa types : Transit, Tourist, Business, TWP, STR and Official visas; the Nigeria Visa Policy 2020 expands the mandatory visa group into three (3) categories with a total of seventy-five (75) visa types.



2020 Visa Categories

From 1st of October 2020 onwards, these new visa categories may apply. 


Each of the 75 visas is unique in number of entries, duration of stay, renewability and permitted visa application channel. find the specific visa and understand the details pertaining to that particular visa.



2012 Visa Classes

The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) and some Nigerian Missions around the world may still issue visas under this older Nigeria Visa Policy 2012, due to tempoary challenges in implementing the newer Nigeria Visa Policy 2020 (NVP 2020). The underlisted old visa classes have been absorbed under three (3) broadened categories of the mandatory visa categories above. 


You may want to confirm from the Nigerian Mission in your country of domicile to know which Ngeria Visa Policy applies.



See also Visa Instructions and the Visa Application Channels : eVisa System , Visa On Arrival , Nigerian Missions , Visa Application Centers and Visa Renewal or Extension .