Consular Services

Common Consular Services

The following consular services are common among Nigerian Missions abroad. Although not all may be rendered by all Missions. All consular services require registration with the consular department and appointment scheduling before visiting the chancery.


Registration of Citizen Abroad

First things first. Nigerian citizens who arrive in a foreign country are obliged to register with the Consular department of the Nigerian Mission in that country or the nearest Nigerian Mission with accreditation to the country of domicile. This consular registration is not the same as the Diaspora Organisation registration but it allows the consular section to keep accurate statistics and allocate resources to Nigerians when and where needed. Fortunately, many Nigerian Missions have lanched Online Registration Systems to make this process easier.

Registration of New Birth.

Child newly born to Nigerian parents residing abroad should be registered with the Nigerian Consular Department. The register may be extended to the National Population Commission in Nigeria.

ePassport Processing

The Nigerian Consular Officer is responsible for approving ePassport Issue, Re-issue or Renewal. However, all stages leading to the production and issue of passports is to be completed online. Applicant may opt for the new 10-year validity passport depending on their country of domicile.  

Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC)

This was issued by the Nigerian Consular to Nigerians who no longer possess their passports but urgently need a one-way journey back to Nigeria. However, due to the lack of ICAO compliance of the ETC, the Nigeria Temporary Passport (NTP) has been introduced by the Federal Ministry of Interior to ensure hitch-free return to Nigeria. 

Nigeria Temporary Passport (NTP)

Due to security and identity problems faced with the paper-based Emergency Travel Certificates (ETC), the 4-page Nigeria Temporary Passport (NTP) was introduced by the Federal Government of Nigeria. This biometric passport is similar to the Nigerian Standard ePassport but only valid for one-way journey back into Nigeria.

Visa Vetting and Issuance.  

The Immigration Department of the Nigerian Mission is under the Consular Officer who oversees the visa process. For common short visit visa types and classes like Transit, Tourist, Business, TWP, STR; the visa may be issued through the Nigeria Visa Application Center like OIS Services. 

National Identification Number (NIN)

Due to requirements by the UN, World Bank and EU, the Federal Government of Nigeria mandates that every Nigerian Citizen by registered into the NIMC (National Identity Management Commission) database and issued a National Identification Number which will be tied to all social services in the near future. Because the consular officer is in charge of Nigerians abroad and already maintains record of Nigerians overseas, the responsibility of informing and guiding Nigerians on how to obtain the NIN falls on the consular. However, thanks to effective online information channels like this website, you may be able to obtain your NIN abroad without bothering the consular department. Click here for details

Document Authentication

Different Nigerian Missions abroad refer to this service in a variety of names: Legalization, Certification, Endorsement, Attestation, Notarization, etc depending on what type of document is being authenticated and what procedure is required in the host country to authenticate it. Be mindful of terminology. However, they all fall under this Document Authentication category of services rendered by the consular officer. Click here for details.

Marriage Clearance Letter

Whether for Nigerian marrying a Foreigner or Nigerian marrying Nigerian in a foreign country, the consular attends to applicant who requires marriage clearance to verify bachelorhood/spinsterhood status and/or authenticate their Marriage Certificate.  

Recommendation Letter

In cases, a Nigerian citizen abroad may need a citizen "introduction letter" or "verification letter" or "recommendation letter" or "non-objection letter" or "approval letter" from the Mission to pursue an education, career, other endeavours or to clear doubts in a bureacratic process. In such cases, the Nigerian may request that specific letter from the Consular Department of the Mission.

General Emergency Services.

For Nigerians in Distress, facing unfair treatment at work, business disputes, wrongfully detained abroad, and/or life threatening emergencies including accidents, attacks or other situations that require medical emergency; the consular department may provide a 24/7 emergency number to be contacted. Usually, the consular section may not be able to do much but is oblidged to officially push the issue to the appropriate authorities to act accordingly.

Student Assistance.

Nigerian studying abroad may require consular assistance to endorse educational pursuits, especially for scholarship students. The consular officer may also assist students in other ways including document authentication and recommendation letter.

Pension Life Certificate. 

This Consular service may be available in some commonwealth countries to Nigerians eligible for Pension Certificate. A nigerian who retires in a foreign country and is eligible to receive pension in Nigeria can apply to the Nigerian Consular for Pension Attestation Letter.

Citizenship Renunciation

Every adult Nigerian is afforded a right to renounce their Nigerian citizenship on the approval of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Nigerians abroad may apply for this service through the consular. Click here for details.

Burial Transit Permit. 

For repatriation of Nigerian Citizen who has died in a foreign country, The Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria requires that formal request letter for a waiver addressed to Honourable Minister for Health and relevant documents regarding cause of death be forwarded to the Ministers office to obtain repatriation waiver before human remains/corpse are taken to Nigeria. Similarly a copy of the request is to be attached to the documents to be sent to Nigeria Mission for authentication.


Non-Consular Services. 

Some services that are not official consular services but are often requested by Nigerians living abroad. 


Bank Verification Number. 

Every Nigerian Citizen with a Nigerian bank account is required to have a Bank Verification Number (BVN) for security purposes. Nigerians who wish to apply for the BVN abroad do not need to bother the consular. The respective Nigerian Banks have already provided channels in foreign countries for this. Please click here for details.


Certificate of No Criminal Record. 

For a Nigerian Citizen who lived in a foreign country for years and would like to obtain a Cetificate of No Criminal Record, also known as Police Clearance Document from that host country, they have to apply through the Local Police, Interior Ministry or Justice Department of that host country. The Nigerian Mission does not issue the certificate but may be helpful in the process to issue some of the requirements for that certificate. For example, some host countries may require a letter from the embassy to verify the status of the Nigerian Citizen.


Police Character Certificate.

For Nigerian who requires police character clearance report from Nigerian Police, please note that the Nigerian Consular Officer DOES NOT issue Police Character Certificates. However, some Nigerian Missions may apply for the Police Background Check on your behalf. the Police Clearance Certificate Obtained from the Nigerian Police Force in Nigeria can be Authenticated by the Nigerian Mission for use only in the country where the mission is located. Please see Document Authentication for details.