Emergency Travel Certificate

Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC)


The Emergency Travel Certificate is a paper-based travel document issued to stranded Nigerians abroad who do not have the appropriate immigration status to travel back home. This consular service is applicable only to Nigerian citizens who lose their passports or, due to other unforeseen circumstances, have overstayed the validity of their passport/visa beyond redemption. This certificate helps them to return to Nigeria on a one-way journey after which the document must be surrendered to immigration authorities at the port of entry. Please note that the ETC service may be obsolete as Nigeria has launched the ICAO-compliant NTP as a replacement.


Basic Requirements

  • Letter addressed to the Head of Mission
    (Introduce applicant, Explain why ETC is needed).
  • Police Report if passport was lost/stolen
    (If not in English, attached translation is required).
  • Proof of Nigerian Citizenship
    (ePassport Copy or GMPCard showing legal identity).
  • 2 Recent Passport Photographs
    (35/40mm color, no makeup, no head/face covering).
  • Air Ticket/Travel Itinerary to Nigeria
    (Scheduled for date within 30 days).


Extra Requirements for Minors

Additional requirements for Non-adults (under 18 years old): 

  • A consent letter from the legal guardian. 
  • For infants, a consent letter by the mother.
  • Passport copy of the legal guardian. 


ETC Sample


Once you have submitted all required documents, stay in touch with the Embassy for results. ETC may only be issued if the Nigeria Temporary Passport service is not yet available via the Nigerian Mission in your country of domicile. Applicants or parents applying for an ETC are advised to only book but not purchase flight ticket before applying for an ETC. Flight ticket should be bought only after your ETC has been issued, except in special situations of deportation detention.