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Atlanta : Code of Conduct for Applicants and Visitors

  | Added on 8 April, 2022

Consulate General of Nigeria, Atlanta - Code of Conduct

The information highlights the code of conduct for all Applicants and Visitors when visiting the Consulate. Please make sure to follow the set policy indicated in below for the safety and comfort of all Applicants and Visitors. 

  • Practice staying 6ft apart at all times, 
  • Wear a face mask at all times, 
  • No waepons allowed on chancery premises, 
  • No smoking allowed on chancery premises, 
  • All mobile phones must be set to silent mode, 
  • No photography or video recording is allowed on chancery premises, 
  • No eating or drinking in the waiting areas of the main building.

by Nigerian C.G., Atlanta , United States

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